March Unit Planning and Professional Development Days

April 2, 2024

A typical March at Logan is an incredibly busy and highly collaborative time within the staff community. Wait, aren’t all the months busy and full of teamwork?! The answer is yes, and March is a time of rich reflection following EXPO, the start of spring units, and portfolio updates in preparation for student/parent/teacher conferences. During unit planning days, teachers and staff meet to share knowledge and pool resources to support students' unit exploration.

Along with classroom and individual planning time that happens over teacher workdays, we allocated time on March 6th to lean into our DEI work and engage in meaningful professional development. To help us further this work, we have partnered with Jamie Morgan.

Jamie Morgan, MNM (she/her/hers) is an experienced trainer, consultant, facilitator, and coach. She holds a master's degree in nonprofit management that roots her approach in a solid understanding of organizational development principles. With over two decades of experience working with diverse groups, Jamie’s toolbox is full of the knowledge and resources needed to be an effective and reliable partner to her clients. Jamie believes that the more diverse, equitable, and inclusive an organization is, the more equipped it is to deliver its mission. An enthusiastic learner, she is committed to self-reflection and ongoing growth.

We are thrilled to have Jamie’s guidance and support with this intentional learning and look forward to continued work with the community.

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