Exponential - Endowment Campaign of The Logan School

An endowment secures and expands Logan’s future like no other type of funding can. It has permanence and sustainability that generates much-needed funds year after year. It allows us to reach more students and teachers, and it allows us to expand our approach to meet new needs as they arise. Logan is a relatively young school; in order to be sustainable it must have additional resources. The Endowment is the tool to ensure Logan’s future.

Dear Friends of Logan School,

We’re thrilled to participate in the EXPOnential Endowment Campaign for the Logan School for Creative Learning. Although this is only our second year at Logan, we already love this place, its people, and its values. In considering our children’s education, we wanted to find a school that would foster intellectual curiosity and instill a lifelong passion for discovery. At Logan, our son is learning how to ask critical questions and developing the tools to investigate them. He is surrounded by teachers and peers who share the same enthusiasm for knowledge. It’s a daily pleasure for us to witness his joy as he explores his world.

We appreciate what Logan has given our family, and it’s important to us that the school and its mission remain long after our children have moved on. A strong endowment will allow the school to thrive for many years to come; it will ensure that any child who would benefit from Logan’s unique curriculum is able to attend; it will help the school continue to attract and retain the best faculty and staff; and it will provide the flexibility to seize future opportunities and weather any storms that may arise. The Logan School has tremendous value in community, and its personalized approach to learning will always be relevant and important.

We hope that you will join us in building Logan’s Endowment Fund to help sustain this incredible place!

Warm regards,

Genery Booster & Geoff Shamos
Endowment Campaign Chairs

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Contact Heather Pool, Development Director by email or call 303-340-2444, ext 125.

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What Does an Endowment Make Possible?

A group of girl students posing for the camera on a fence in a winter setting.
Increases Our Ability to Offer Financial Aid

Expanding our capacity to provide more kids with a Logan education is a key objective of the endowment. This is not only good for the new students, but good for all who attend the school. We highly value inclusiveness and diversity. In fact, it is part of our mission to cultivate the curiosities of gifted children. Increasing the socio-economic diversity of Logan expands this objective. To do so means making a Logan education available to more families who might not otherwise be able to afford it. A Logan kid can be found everywhere, and not just from a particular economic background. Increasing financial aid means we are more able to accept “best fitting” students. This is what the best universities in the world do. The endowment is crucial to achieve this goal. 

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Teacher Training and Retention

Logan teachers are as unique as the children they serve. Finding and retaining this talent over long stretches of time is absolutely central to delivering our educational mission. The teacher who can manage multiple units, class and individual field trips and class curriculum is hard to find. We want to keep them when we find them. One of the aims of the endowment is to provide professional support and development opportunities including higher teacher salaries and greater benefits. These professional amenities reduce turnover and help us build a solid core of Logan teachers who are here for the long haul. The Teacher Training and Retention Fund is named in honor of Patti McKinnell, founder of The Logan School, beloved dean, teacher and mentor. 

A girl inspecting the student-created, 3D diagram of the anatomy of a cell.
Financial Sustainability and Flexibility for the Future

Unrestricted Endowment offers the school the ability to minimize tuition increases and keep Logan accessible for middle-income families. Additionally, the more money that we have in our Endowment Fund, the more flexibility we have to expand Logan’s educational approach. We can make more “out-of-building educational experiences" possible. We can add staff to keep up with the specialized educational, emotional and social needs of the gifted students we serve, among the other things that will inevitably be required as Logan continues to evolve. “Unrestricted gifts” to Logan’s Endowment Fund give us the flexibility to handle the unforeseeable.

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