The Logan Fund

The Logan Fund is our annual giving fund. It is a critical component of Logan's annual operating budget; it supports teacher salaries, financial aid, professional development, facility, and programming.
This year, we aim to raise $299,245 with 100% participation from our Logan family community. Please scroll down to read the letter from our Logan Fund Chairs. Together we can #powercreativity.
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A family of four, 2 adults and 2 children, smiling at the camera with sun hats and sunglasses.

Dear Logan Families,

The beginning of the school year is always an energizing time, a transition our whole family eagerly anticipates. Stella is starting her fourth year at Logan as a lower IS student in Jeff and Ann’s class, and Mayzie is excited to join Ari and Ivey’s UP class for her second year at the school. We hope you also are enjoying the start of the year, a return to routine after summer fun, and a sense of new beginnings. With great enthusiasm, we look forward to chairing the 2023-24 Annual Logan Fund Committee!

The first time we visited Logan, we had a transformational experience. We saw what it looked like for a school to be designed around its students. Each thoughtful and inviting space had been created with young learners at the center. Each creative and committed teacher we met conveyed a passion for supporting students in their learning, exploration, and development. We saw a community vibrating with energy, where young people were empowered to direct their own learning, explore their interests, and contribute to an engaged and caring community. Experiencing Logan made us realize that while schools can take many wonderful forms, it is rare that they look like this. Every morning when we drop Stella and Mayzie off at school, we smile with gratitude that Logan is the place they spend their days. The teachers, administrators, students, and parents are the heart and soul of Logan, and The Logan Fund is an essential opportunity for us all to come together in support of our wonderful school community.

As with all independent schools, tuition is a major source of revenue for Logan, but it does not fully cover the cost of a Logan education. Each year, through The Logan Fund, our community comes together to “bridge the gap” between tuition and total cost, fueling the creative learning that takes place at Logan every day. This year, the difference is $2,800 per student. Importantly, this model allows tuition to remain at a more accessible level, while also providing the needed resources to fully fund the teaching, learning, exploration, and operations at Logan.

The Logan Fund Committee will be helping our community achieve two important goals this year:

  1. To raise $299,145 
  2. To achieve 100% participation from all Logan families

Both goals are central to the success of this campaign because The Logan Fund is about what we can achieve together for our community. If you are able, please consider a gift of $2,800 or more. Your gift – of any amount – sends an important message that we are a community that believes in, and invests in, our school.

Thank you for all you do for Logan. Let’s see how we can power creativity together through The Logan Fund this year!

Sarah Indyk & Charlie Miller

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