Experiences as Infinite as Our Students’ Curiosities

Individual units of study are our core curriculum.

Our student program is designed to meet the developmental and academic needs of each student.

Units reflect both the student’s academic interests and true passions. They cover a wide variety of topics and integrate diverse academic subjects. Our 250 students study 250 distinct units that are written in collaboration with their teachers.

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The Anatomy of a Unit

Giftedness is a different way of experiencing the world.

To meet the needs of diverse gifted learners:

  • Students follow areas of interest through individual units of study that they select and help design. Self-directed learning helps foster intrinsic motivation and a love of learning. 
  • Each student learns at their own pace. Gifted students often develop asynchronously and a developmentally appropriate path with individual support ensures purposeful growth.
  • Students take personal responsibility for their actions and find creative solutions to problem-solving; social-emotional learning is embedded in the curriculum and is integral to our unique and dynamic approach.
  • Students analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information; and teachers encourage students to make natural associations and connections between topics. Students learn how to learn.
  • Students are surrounded by peers and teachers who share their passion for learning and respect for each other. Building trust is at the heart of the Logan experience.

At Logan There's a Unique Interest
for Each Unique Child

Ellie combined art with advocacy to create a dress made from trash to teach about conservation for her unit on Global Warming.
Akhil’s trip to Google, for his unit on Robots, informed his understanding of machine learning and its potential impact on the future.
Logan’s unit on Consumer Psychology explored impulsive decision-making in the brain and the ethics of business practices.
"And here’s what I’ve really learned in my unit overall. There are four forces working on wings as they fly — lift, gravity, thrust, and drag.
Now this is interesting because you’d think gravity and drag are BAD for flying, right? BUT smart people (and I guess birds!) figured out how to use those forces to get the wings to actually work better. Now that’s just a lesson that if you figure out how to use even bad forces, they can be useful.... so you should always be thankful for what you have in life, even what seems bad, because if you’re creative you can use those bad things to actually move you forward.

— Jordan F, Primary Student

Beyond Units

Before and After School

Athletics: Students in Intermediate and Advanced School can join our after school sports teams that play against other schools in the area. Sports offered vary based on student interest. Recent sports include: co-ed cross country, girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, co-ed ultimate frisbee, and girls’ soccer.

Extended Care (EC): EC is a drop-in service for Logan families that are working or that need or want before and/or after school child care for their Logan student. Extended Care is available in the morning from 7:00-8:20 a.m. and in the afternoon from 3:30-6:00 p.m. A healthy snack is provided each day, as well as games, toys, puzzles, books, arts and crafts, free play, and a homework area.

Learning through Expanded Enrichment Programs (LEEP): LEEP classes are after school enrichment classes that are offered for an additional cost and change each quarter. Examples of past LEEP classes include chess, cross stitching, edible science, fencing, hip hop dancing, and incredible inventors.

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Life After Logan

The Logan School’s approach produces teenagers and adults who are exceptionally creative, self-directed and engaged in their communities. In fact, we find that many alumni  think of themselves as “Logan Kids” when they look back on their education. Logan helped them to acquire a love of learning that has stuck with them throughout their lives.

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