Classroom Support

January 3, 2024

We would like to introduce you to our amazing support staff that may be working with your students this year. Please read their short blurbs to understand their role within the learning environment. We are lucky to have such a strong support team that works with the teachers and students across the whole school.

Shae Schneider, Associate Head of School | Dean of Students

As Associate Head of School, I work in close partnership with the Head of School to advance the school’s mission and achieve our educational and operational goals. I work to build strong relationships with faculty, staff, and students to identify goals for professional, academic, and social emotional growth.

As Dean, I work to create safe spaces for my teams to collaborate, have open dialogue, and grow as a community. I assist in the academic guidance of students, establish guidelines for behavioral expectations, and support teachers when assistance is needed. I also support Logan families and am available to discuss their child and build understanding of the world of gifted learners, together.

Sarah Kaufman, Learning Specialist

Hello! As Learning Specialist, my role is to support all of our students' unique learning profiles. Specifically, I aim to work with students who are experiencing learning challenges and those with diagnosed learning disabilities. There are times where I am observing in the classroom, getting to know the kids in their day-to-day environment, as well as times that I will pull students out of their classrooms to work with them individually or in small groups. Through consistent meetings with core classroom teachers, I am able to learn about how students are performing in their classrooms where they may be feeling challenged or stuck so I can provide tools and resources to teachers to help accommodate their students' learning needs. Further, I often meet with families to discuss their students' learning profiles and share my observations and recommendations on how to support their child(ren) both in and out of school. If you have questions about student accommodations, identifying specific learning needs, establishing a learning plan, and/or referrals for outside evaluators, specialists or tutors, please reach out!

Anna Naylor, School Psychologist

As the School Psychologist, my role is to support the social-emotional development, mental health, and culture of Logan students, staff, and community. I meet with students 1-on-1, in groups, and classroom-wide to provide solution-focused counseling and teach social-emotional skills. I also meet with teachers/Logan staff and parents to collaborate or consult on mental health concerns, behavior support, and ideas for furthering our unique students’ development. I am part of the team that focuses on our school safety policies and procedures. My goal is to help remove barriers to students’ ability to explore their curiosities, know the unique gifts they bring to the world, embrace themselves, and share their presence with others.

John Shoe, Director of Curriculum and Instruction | Instructional Coach

As Director of Curriculum and Instruction, I guide the academic departments at Logan in implementing our unique program. I train new staff on the history, philosophy, and pedagogy of the Logan School. I curate content for our internal academic archive. I supervise the implementation of new curriculum to ensure alignment with our mission and philosophy. I help plan and lead staff meetings and retreats. I lead teams of staff members working on specific academic projects (such as math scope and sequence, or environmental education). I also lead the design and implementation of student and faculty evaluation tools. 

As Instructional Coach, I support teachers to set goals, plan units and other curriculum, solve problems, gather academic resources, and collaborate with each other. I do this primarily through conversation and reflection with teachers. I demonstrate lessons, and observe teachers in action in the classroom to provide them with constructive feedback. I also support faculty engagement in professional development opportunities.

Jenn Todd, Associate Learning Specialist

As Associate Learning Specialist, I work closely with Sarah Kaufman and our classroom teachers to support Logan students and their individual learning styles.  You may see me helping out in classrooms running reading, math, word work, handwriting groups, or scaffolding students in their unit work. I also work with students individually or in small groups for targeted skill work and games. I also may attend student team meetings to share first-hand observations and collaborate on strategies in and out of school to help support students and their families.

Heidi Achenbach, Unit Enrichment Specialist

After 4 years as an Upper Primary teacher at Logan, I am very excited to now be working with small groups of students in Upper Primary and Lower IS, teaching them skills to help them become more successful at being independent during unit work time. My areas of focus will change each quarter based on the needs of the students that the Core classroom teachers identify. Some areas that I will be teaching are research skills, learning how to problem solve when a unit project becomes difficult, perseverance/resilience during research and unit work, and thinking about the most effective way to record information they have learned. If I am working with your child, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Lisa Holub, Primary Unit Support/ Entry Primary Matrix

I am in my sixth year at Logan. I work with small groups of students in my Imaginarium providing deep dives into unit projects that would be challenging to achieve in a normal classroom setting. I work to provide students with a wide variety of tools and materials to approach their projects. In the Imaginarium we question, explore, experience, create and take risks! It is truly a magical environment that is powered by our students. Additionally I work with the EP students on Monday afternoons exploring the amazing world of science with them. We learn about a variety of subjects, answer questions and use concrete projects to help solidify their learning and foster an inquisitive mindset and deeper connection to the natural world. It is my sincere belief that I have the best job at Logan!

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