BookMarket Volunteering Opportunities

September 25, 2023

Thank you
so much considering lending a hand to support BookMarket! We need lots of help, so bring a friend! We welcome grandparents and any other adults who might like to support the effort.
Below are the times/opportunities to help:
  • 10/31 (Afternoon) - Book Sorting: We will pre-sort books after the Halloween parade and class parties on Tuesday, Oct. 31st (conveniently, lots of folks will be on campus!) Any amount of time helps. We'll work until it is mostly complete. (Kids are welcome to help!)
  • 11/6 (All Day) - Set-up: Use your spatial design talents to help transform the lobby into a fabulous "bookstore", organized by category. Lunch is provided via our fabulous lunch program.
  • 11/8 (Afternoon) & on Conference Days - Book Sales: We'd love some cashiers (often, students love to do this work, with support from their adult:) to take shifts at the checkout table during sale days. You can sign up for an hour or more! Time blocks are the afternoon of 11/8 for the launch party until 5 PM and throughout the Conference days on 9/9 & 9/10.
  • 11/10 (Evening), 11/13 (Morning) - Tear down/Lobby clean-up: We'll throw leftover books in boxes and transport them to a donation site (TBD).
  • Make New Friends
  • Free EC: if you need to drop your kids in EC during hours when you are helping, EC is free. Just be sure to tell the staff you are volunteering for the BookMarket.
  • Lunch: 11/6 on set up day

Contact Adrah if you are interested in helping with this event!

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