Logan Health and Safety Practices

November 7, 2023

Health and safety are our top priorities. Our communicable disease protocols fall under the jurisdiction of Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE). We also reference CDC and DDPHE when resourcing guidelines.

Overall, the most important piece around illness is that students stay home when they are ill.

There are a few key reasons for keeping a sick student home:

  1. Sick people are at risk of infecting others with contagious illnesses, when symptoms are present.
  2. The individual does not feel well enough to participate in the scheduled / usual activities.
  3. A child needs more care than teachers and staff can give while still caring for the other children.

If a student develops symptoms of illness while at school, families will be contacted and asked to come pick up their child.

While COVID is an illness just like any other, it remains in its own category regarding how it is currently managed. Colorado law requires that schools and childcare facilities report communicable diseases, including single positive COVID-19 cases, to their local health departments within 24 hours. We will report cases to the DDPHE and they may follow up with you directly.

Testing Positive for COVID

  • The current CDC guidelines state individuals who test positive COVID need to stay home for 5 days. Individuals may end isolation after day 5 if they have been fever free without medication for 24 hours and their symptoms are improving. They should also continue to wear a mask through days 6-10 while at school or around others.
  • If you know you were exposed, you are not required to quarantine and may attend school, but  follow these guidelines.
  • We will alert individual classes of exposure. We will not share identifying information as health information is kept private at all times.
  • Who at Logan do I inform if my child tests positive for COVID? Please call the front desk (303-340-2444) to report a positive COVID test result. 

We also reserve the right to change protocols at any time during the year if guidance changes or DDPHE provides an update. We will always share updated information as soon as possible.

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