Board of Trustees Election Invitation for 2024

February 7, 2024

Dear Logan Community Members,

With the start of the new year comes the start of The Logan School’s 2024 Board of Trustees election cycle. The Board is charged with promoting and protecting Logan’s mission, ensuring its long-term viability, and overseeing the performance of its Head of School. In short, the Board’s governance responsibilities are strategic in nature rather than operational. Those parents, faculty members, and community members who serve on the Board have a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the long-term success of Logan. Trustees are elected to serve a three-year term, and frequently seek re-election to serve a second three-year term.

Parent Trustees: there will be 2 departures (2 Trustees finishing their second terms), 1 transition (Trustee whose student is continuing and will move into a Community Trustee position for the final year of her second term), and one current Trustee applying for a second term. Therefore, we will have up to four (4) Parent Trustee positions available.

Faculty Trustees: one of our two Faculty Trustees is finishing her first term and is not reapplying. Therefore, we will have one (1) Faculty Trustee position available.

Community Trustees: we can have up to five Community Trustees. Currently we have two Trustees in current terms; one Trustee finishing a first term and not reapplying; one Trustee finishing a first term that is reapplying; and one vacancy. As a reminder, we have a Parent Trustee who will move into a Community Trustee position to finish her term next year. Therefore, we will have up to two (2) positions available.

In the March Board meeting, the Board will vote on the number of Trustees seats to be filled within each category, honoring the ranges permissible in the bylaws, that will be added to the Board for 2024-25. It will also vote on the slate of new Trustees recommended by the Governance Committee to send to the Membership for ratification.

The Governance Committee is seeking candidates with diverse personal and professional backgrounds who have a passion for Logan and are willing to take on the commitment and responsibility of Board service. Prior service on a Logan Board committee is strongly preferred. All candidates, including current Board members seeking a second term, must apply and interview. We hope you’ll consider applying to be on Logan’s Board of Trustees!

If you’re interested, here’s the timeline:

  1. Feb. 7 (9:00 - 10:00 AM, via Zoom): Governance Committee Board Info Session. We will do an overview of the Logan Board of Trustees 101 handout plus Q&A. We hope you’ll join us!
  2. Feb. 16: Applications are due by 4:00 PM. Applications can be found by clicking
    Parent/Faculty Application, Community Application, and Renewal Application.
  3. March 4, 5, 6 (5:30 - 9:00 PM): 30-minute interviews of qualified candidates.
  4. March 19: Governance Committee recommends its slate of nominees to the Board of Trustees and the Board votes on the slate.
  5. March 20: If approved, the Board-nominated slate is announced to the community.
  6. March 21-27: Logan Members wishing to self-nominate may submit applications to the Governance Committee.
  7. April 5: Ballots setting forth Board-nominated slate and any self-nominated candidates are delivered to Membership.
  8. April 5-15: Membership voting. By 4:00 PM on Wednesday, April 17, all members may vote to ratify/elect the Board-nominated slate or self-nominated candidates.
  9. April 18: New Trustees are announced.

If you have any questions about Board service or the application process, please feel free to contact Brooke Brown at

Logan Governance Committee

Kia Abdool, Parent
Sarah Bridich, Board Chair
Brooke Brown, Board Secretary, Governance Chair
Erin Campbell, Parent
Nicole Girvan, Head of School (ex-officio)
Critter Thompson, Parent
Maureen Watson, Trustee

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