Snow Days and School Closures

November 16, 2022


Cold Weather While at School
In general, Logan students spend a lot of time outdoors, so please make sure that your child is ready for all kinds of weather when they arrive at school each day. We want them to be comfortable while at recess and out on various trips. We will call indoor recess and dismissal when temperatures are below 20˚F or there are blizzard-like conditions, lightning, or otherwise extreme conditions. 

Calling Snow Days: Considerations, Process and Challenges
Winter storms often come in overnight, so our team will start talking the night before or super early in the morning when a big storm is predicted to hit. We’ll be watching the weather, evaluating road conditions, and talking to other ACIS schools in our area.  Whenever possible, we try to make a decision as early as possible. Weather, however, is famously unpredictable in Colorado. Predicted storms can change course or diminish as they pass over the mountains. By waiting until later, we can make a decision based on updated commuter conditions. 

Our families and staff also reside throughout the metro area; some areas may have 8-10 inches of snow, while other areas get 2-4 inches. On balance, the safety of our staff and students and the impact the decision to close school will have on our working parents and guardians are factored into any decision.

Who makes the call?
David, our Dir. of Facilities, Shae and/or Becky, and myself are the primary decision makers regarding snow days. We also have a text chain with Heads from other schools in our area to consult with. These are not easy decisions to make and we will do our best make a call that fits the conditions at the time we make the call. Our primary goal is to ensure that our staff and families can safely get to and from our campus if we decide to remain open in a storm. 

When we call a snow day, we will:

  • Typically follow DPS (please note: Logan does not do “late starts.”) If the decision is made to remain open, families are always welcome to decide to stay home that day or arrive later. 
  • Do our best to make an announcement, via text message using the Remind app, before 6 a.m.
  • Place a banner on the homepage of our website and post to our Instagram and Facebook pages, indicating a school closure.
  • Alert 9News and Denver 7. Local news stations may be the last to receive notice of Logan closures and are not the primary resource you should rely on for the most up-to-date decision about Logan closures.

Please also note, snow days are not teaching/instructional days. Snow days are a good day for students to independently catch up on reading or other work. They are also a good day to play outside and enjoy the winter weather.

As always, thank you for your cooperation and understanding of our efforts to create a safe process for student dismissal and school closure procedures.

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