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David Avido Brings Ethical Fashion & More to Logan

April 22, 2024
David Avido, Kenyan fashion designer, sitting in front of beautiful fabrics and giving a talk to Logan students.i

We were honored to host David Avido, a Kenyan fashion designer renowned for his unwavering commitment to local, ethical, and sustainable practices, on our campus on April 19th! David shared his story and engaged with all Logan students throughout the day; students whose units of study aligned with David’s work met with him in smaller groups - units such as:

  • Recycled/Upcycled Art around the World
  • Fashion/Visual and Inspirational Art
  • Owning a Business
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • PR and Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business
  • Color Psychology
  • Fashion
  • Culture around the World
  • Fashion
  • Color Psychology
  • Power of Art in Social Justice
  • Psychology of Dance/Representation in Art
  • Running a Business
  • Small Business Development
  • Shoes
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Interior Design
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Art and Artists
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Wood Carving
  • Maori Culture
  • Business and Industry
  • Color Theory
  • Tools
  • Sewing
  • Fashion and Design

At age 21, David embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, founding his iconic brand, Lookslikeavido. What distinguishes Daivd is his steadfast dedication to uplifting his community in Kibera, Africa's largest urban slum. Sourcing local materials and labor, David creates beautiful and unique pieces while providing invaluable vocational training to deaf women and young mothers in his community, empowering them with sustainable skills for a brighter future. Remarkably, rather than keeping these talents within his fold, David facilitates connections for these individuals within his extensive network of tailors, fostering economic growth and empowerment on a local scale.

David's philanthropic endeavors are nothing short of inspiring. He reinvests a significant portion of his profits back into Kibera, sponsoring the education of ten students annually and ensuring that students in need receive tailor-made school uniforms, facilitating access to education for those who need it most.

David's remarkable journey was spotlighted in Vogue Italia in 2020; he was honored by the President of Kenya for his exemplary service during the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those eager to learn more about David and his transformative work, we encourage you to follow him on Instagram @lookslikeavido, where he shares stories of his passions and endeavors in Kenya and on the international stage.  The video provided below is about David's story and hope that comes from believing inyourself. We were thrilled to be able to bring David to Logan as we, as a community, continue our journey of inclusive and empowering education.