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Campus Preparations and Updates

August 1, 2020

We have immense gratitude for David Symonds, Facilities Manager, Liz Brown, PE teacher, and Andrew Pool (Alumni, Class of 2016) who have absolutely crushed it this summer getting the campus ready for our students and faculty. They worked tirelessly to create new outdoor spaces, update interior spaces and mitigate for new health and safety guidelines for school operations throughout the campus. 

From left: Liz, Andrew, David

We are excited to welcome our staff back on August 3, and look forward to seeing our students on August 19! For the next two weeks, staff and teachers will be busy in meetings, trainings and setting up our learning spaces. Below are some highlights of the work that has taken place around campus this summer.

Indoor Classrooms: We have removed all furniture from classrooms and common spaces that are made of material that cannot be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe. This furniture will not be replaced immediately so that we can have more room in the classrooms to create more square footage for physical distancing. All classrooms have new LED lighting and almost all of the classrooms in the building now have new flooring and fresh paint.

Outdoor Classrooms: 13 tents are being hoisted to create outdoor spaces for all-day learning. Outdoor classrooms are being staged around the main building with intention being given to traffic flow for individual cohorts in and out of the building. Our facilities crew has built outdoor hand washing/art cleaning stations; each station can accommodate 4 socially distanced people. We will be able to use these stations year-round with the aid of a hose spigot. We are excited to see how these outdoor learning spaces take shape over the next couple of weeks.

Windows: Each classroom will have at least two operable windows that will be able to open to increase ventilation. This work is underway and will be continuing once school has started. 

HVAC: As we mentioned at the July 22 Town Hall, we are upgrading our rooftop units by installing a GPS (Global Plasma Solutions) ionization system. GPS is backed by the CDC as well as other accredited health organizations. This system, in combination with fresh air, will provide much improved air quality and movement throughout the building. 

Supplies: Over the course of the summer, we have been accumulating plenty of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, soap, gloves, and face masks (including clear ones for the teachers). 

Lunchroom/Kitchen: The lunchroom/kitchen remodel is nearly complete and we have every intention of starting our new lunch program on August 19. We have hired a chef manager (Chef Erin) and we are excited to start our new program with the students and staff. Pictures of the completed remodel to come.

School Kitchen under construction, June 2020

Main entrance sign with flowers