Blog Post

EXPO 2021

September 3, 2021

This is their night, a night when the world is interested in all that they have been doing and discovering about their personal passion all year long.

~ Patti McKinnell, Founder of The Logan School

EXPO is our community’s annual public sharing of Logan student work. Families, staff, students and community members gather in February each year to experience the culmination of students’ year-to-date work, where student voices and displays are the key features of the event. 

While EXPO is exciting and full of the “products” of a Logan student’s learning, it is the result of a rich process, through which a student makes connections and discoveries along the way. Creating a space where students are valued and recognized for their work is always a critical focal point of our planning at Logan throughout the year. For EXPO in 2021, we had new parameters to work within and it was essential to create an environment where students had the opportunity to authentically present their work, share with peers, and learn from other students.

In a year of flexibility, adaptability and resilience, nothing in our school operations and program delivery went untouched in the 2020-21 school year, including how we executed EXPO 2021. We hope you can catch a glimpse of the joy, wonder and magic of EXPO 2021 in this video. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the production and creation of this video. Particularly, Trish and her crew at Stories Not Forgotten (, a women-led video production company that creates memorable content for documentaries, social media campaigns, small business advertising, nonprofit and fundraising promotions, progressive political campaigns, and videos documenting families' histories and stories. 

We look forward to what will come for EXPO in 2022!

Students at their EXPO displays.