Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a critical component of the annual operating budget. It supports teacher salaries, financial aid, professional development, facility and grounds, and much more. This year, the Annual Fund goals are $270,900 and 100% participation from our Logan family community. We invite you to give to this year's Annual Fund, United for Logan. You can pre-schedule your gift now on the Colorado Gives website!
A little girl wearing an outfit fit for the theme, standing in front of her expo booth on house and wild cats

Dear Logan Families,

We believe that parent involvement in all forms of supporting the school strengthens the Logan community and boosts the value our children place on their own education. Our family is honored to serve as chairs of this year’s Annual Fund at The Logan School. When asked, we said yes to this role because we believe strongly in Logan’s educational approach.

This year’s Annual Fund theme is “United for Logan”. The OED entry for the word “united” begins with “put or joined together; combined, connected, made one.” In many ways, this is true of so many educational settings, where students come together around a particular philosophy and curriculum—and often school colors and mascots and a fight song—and become one combined and connected student body. But what we believe Logan does so beautifully is preserve the individual as an important part of the collective.  

The Zulu proverb umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu means “a person is a person through other people”. For our family, this proverb holds a fundamental truth and transcends cultures because it so elegantly embraces what it means to be human. To tie one’s humanity to others. To derive an identity through one’s connection and individual contributions to a community. To draw on unique skills and gifts that support collective well-being. To serve others and, in turn, to know that others are a source of strength and encouragement. To pursue an individual interest with the support of a group. We believe this is exactly what the Logan experience offers students and families.  

And therein lies the other way to view this year’s theme, UNIT-ed, a play on the idea of education through unit work. Units are what Marion loves most about Logan. Able to dive into a topic she has chosen herself, she is building important foundations of an education: research, reasoning, and recording, but importantly, understanding what questions to ask and developing the confidence to pose them. Exploring a variety of topics in an environment that fully supports her pursuit of answers that often lead to further questions, Marion is embracing the idea of education as a means of discovery. And we know this is happening throughout the school, in each class, every day.  

To the longer-tenured families, we say thank you. Thank you for believing in and supporting an educational approach that serves so many students so well, and for sustaining the school so it thrives today, for our daughter, her friends, and all the students. Thank you for your encouragement as we have come to trust and appreciate the Logan approach as we have seen its results in our own daughter.   

To the alumni and your families, we say wow! We are continually impressed by the lives you are leading beyond Logan, and are delighted to read of your successes, so many of which we know build on your experience at Logan.  

To newer families, we say trust the process. We know Logan’s approach is unique, and we posed many of the same questions we have heard from you when we were in your position. And now we can see the influence of Logan’s approach not only in the more traditional aspects of Marion’s education, but also in how she approaches life outside of Logan. We know that one day, her time at Logan will come to a close and she will encounter a variety of different environments in her education and beyond. We wish they could all be like Logan, but we know better. So what we fall back on is the knowledge that this foundation, this toolkit she is building at Logan will serve as a source of strength and resilience as Marion, and all her fellow Logan peers, embrace a lifelong love of learning.  

And to everyone in the Logan community—students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni—we say that we are honored to work with you this year, United for Logan. 

~ Kate & Mike Minyard

The Minyards family. A mother and father and their little girl.
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