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Teachers at The Logan School create classroom communities so that children can feel safe both physically and emotionally. Our students are encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions with adults and each other. Hard work is expected of students, risk taking is encouraged, and they are taught to be responsible for time management and developmentally appropriate independence.  

Individual Student Units

Individual Units form the backbone of our curriculum. Units reflect both the student’s academic interests and true passions. Units cover a wide variety of topics and integrate diverse academic subjects. In general, a student may spend between one-half and one full school year on any given unit topic. Recent Units have included studies of:


+ Animation

+ Neuroscience

+ World Economy

+ The Science of Running
+ Natural Remedies
+ Social Media

+ Adaptations of Aquatic Animals

+ The Cultures of India
+ Structural Engineering

+ Refugees


Unit Field Trips

The unit field trip program supports the Individual Units by providing hands-on, out-of-the-classroom experiences. Primary source experiences such as museum visits, meetings with professionals in the field of study, research, scientific inquiry, and more, give the students a real-world approach to learning.

Class Units

Class units allow the teachers to create a framework for whole-group learning. Teachers generally choose broad topics that serve as vehicles for research, recording, reporting, and creating connections across the disciplines. Recent Class Units have explored:


+ The Power of Language, Politics, Race and Nature

+ Space and Space Exploration
+ Westward Expansion

+ Light
+ Entrepreneurship

Matrix Program

For our Primary students (ages 4.5-7), they participate in a rotation of Art, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Spanish and other world languages. For our Intermediate (ages 8-11) and Advanced Students (ages 11-14), they may choose from quarterly subjects. Recent classes have included:


+ Foreign Languages

+ Physics

+ Ceramics

+ Stagecraft
+ Art History: Impressionism
+ Creative Writing & Journalism

+ From Seed to Table
+ Dramatic Arts

+ Music
+ Filmmaking

+ Geocaching

Environmental Education

EE programs and trips are designed to support classroom units. The core teacher plans the trip with an EE teacher who locates experts, locations, and materials to ensure that each student has a rewarding trip experience. Recent trips have included:


+ Rocky Mountain National Park

+ Mesa Verde National Park

+ Arches National Park

+ Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

+ Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park

+ Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park

+ Biscayne National Park

+ White Sands National Monument

+ Great Sand Dunes National Park

+ Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park

+ Grand Teton National Park

+ Yellowstone National Park

+ Yosemite National Park

+ Channel Islands National Park

+ Redwoods National Park

+ Olympic National Park

+ Colorado National Monument

+ Canyonlands National Park

+ Jewel Cave National Monument

+ Wind Cave National Park

+ Mount Rushmore National Memorial

+ Capulin Volcano National Monument

+ Bandelier National Monument

+ Pecos National Historical Site

+ Everglades National Park

+ Great Smoky Mountain National Park

+ Alcatraz Island

+ National Mall and Memorial Parks

+ Cape Cod National Seashore

+ Capitol Reef National Park

+ Chaco Canyon National Historical Park

+ World War II Valor in the Pacific National Park (Pearl Harbor)

Video of a unit trip. All rights reserved. 

Team sports are offered to help students develop both physical and interpersonal skills. All of our sports employ a "no-cuts" policy. We emphasize participation and teamwork over competition.


Fall Sports

+ Girls Volleyball

+ Co-Ed Cross Country

Winter Sports

+ Girls Basketball

+ Boys Basketball

Spring Sports

+ Girls Soccer

+ Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee

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