Our Approach


The Logan School for Creative Learning is a progressive school with a dynamic curriculum that teaches the way children learn by giving them hands-on experiences fueled by their own curiosities. Individual student units are at the core of our curriculum. Our students, aged 4.5-14 years old, are co-architects with their teachers in building meaningful units of study that not only address the traditional "3 Rs" but also emphasize Research, Reasoning, and Recording— skills that will prepare them for the challenges ahead. These individual Units are supported by Unit Field Trips, Matrix program, and the Environmental Education program.


The following are key ideas to help you better understand The Logan School for Creative Learning and the video will let you see us in action. For more about our Mission, click here.

What is Creative Learning?


Creative Learning is….


  • Integrated Curricula

  • Driven by inquiry and reflection

  • Large blocks of uninterrupted time

  • Primary sources and experiences

  • Measured by individual growth

At Logan, we combine individual units of study, in-the-field research and environmental education, then allow students to go as far, deep and wide as they can possibly imagine. Rather than provide text books, we provide ample room for inquiry, reflection and discussion. Rather than ask our students for the answers, we ask them for the questions. Rather than give tests, we give real world problem solving opportunities. 

​Gifted Education

Giftedness is a different way of experiencing the world and we know that a webpage will never be a substitute for a thoughtful conversation about your child.  


To meet the needs of diverse gifted learners: 


  • Students follow areas of interest through individual units of study that they select and help design. Self-directed learning helps foster intrinsic motivation and a love of learning.  

  • Each student learns at their own pace. Gifted students often develop asynchronously and a developmentally appropriate path with individual support ensures purposeful growth. 

  • Students take personal responsibility for their actions and find creative solutions to problem-solving; social-emotional learning is embedded in the curriculum and is integral to our unique and dynamic approach 

  • Students analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information; and teachers encourage students to make natural associations and connections between topics. Students learn how to learn. 

  • Students are surrounded by peers and teachers who share their passion for learning and respect for each other. Building trust is at the heart of the Logan experience. 

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