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Board of Trustees 2018-19

Lisa Warshafsky, Co-Chair

Lisa Warshafsky and has been a part of the Logan community since 2005 when her son started as a

5-year-old. Both of her children continued from Logan, her son in 2014 and her daughter in 2016. She was on PALS (Parent Association of The Logan School), has served as auction chair, has been a part of both the capital and endowment campaigns, worked in classrooms, chaired the Development Committee, was a trustee of the Board from 2007-2013 and was the Matrix Coordinator for the past two years. She is thrilled to be a part of Logan's Board of Trustees again.

Jason Sindler, Co-Chair

Jason Sindler has been a part of the Logan Community for over twelve years. He and his wife Cindy have three children, all of whom started at Logan in Entry Primary. Their oldest continued in 2016 and is now a junior at George Washington High School. Their other two children currently attend Logan, one in Advanced School and the other in Intermediate School. Jason and Cindy value Logan's approach to learning because it has taught each of their children so much, in spite of their different learning styles.

Jason is now serving his sixth year as a Board member; he has also been Treasurer and Vice-Chair and has served on the Finance Committee for over 9 years. The Board of Trustees is an amazing group of people and Jason feel privileged to be able to work with them to support our amazing school. In his spare time, he enjoys driving and being his children's chauffeur, as well as building financial models and other cool types of data analysis.  

Lauren Andrews, Vice Chair

This is Lauren’s family’s sixth year at Logan. They have one child who is in Intermediate School and they are very grateful for the incredible staff who work in Logan’s amazing community. Their passion has ignited their child’s love, engagement and sheer joy of learning. She cannot say enough about how having a community where her child thrives has supported their family. Although this is her second year as a Board member, Lauren has been fortunate enough to volunteer as needed in her daughter's classrooms and has served on the Development Committee for the past five years, where she currently serves as Co-Chair. Her professional background includes over 25 years in strategic initiatives and operations in corporate, not for profit, entrepreneurial and volunteer environments and she is excited to bring her learnings and perspectives to Logan.

Brooke Brown, Secretary

This is Brooke Brown's family's fourth year with the Logan community. She and her husband have daughters in Primary and Intermediate School who have both been thriving during their time at Logan. This is her second year on the Board, where she serves as the Secretary and the Co-Chair of the Logan Learning Lab. Professionally, Brooke has spent over 20 years in education as a high school Spanish teacher and administrator, educational researcher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist and finds it incredibly rewarding to have her personal passions, professional experience, and children's education come together in one place. She has enjoyed getting to know and work with so many members of this community so far and is looking forward to continuing to build these relationships and support Logan into the future.

Jason Lent, Treasurer

Jason Lent is a longtime technology sales executive with Microsoft, who manages multi-million-dollar budgets, leads high-performing sales and business development teams, and builds executive relationships with some of Microsoft’s largest accounts and partners. Jason is the Treasurer of the Board and Chair of the Finance Committee. He and his wife, Lindy, have a tween daughter Avery who is currently in Advanced School, and a four-year-old son, Travis, who loves to explore the Logan campus.

Melissa Bosworth, Parent Trustee

Melissa Bosworth is first and foremost the mother of Elijah, a student in Intermediate School. Her family has been part of the Logan community for seven years. They are fully committed to adding their contribution to ensure their family, your family, and all families to come have the individualized experience that allows students to establish their own identities and discover their full potential.  


The philosophy that she brings to Logan’s Board is one of encompassing a passion for the ideas and diversity of the collective Logan community. Our community is comprised of incredible minds, unparalleled dedication to education, and the intentional propagation of independent and compassionate children. The decisions she makes as a Trustee attempt to reflect the common views of our community - they are mission-focused, with a perspective of creating a sustainable future. In addition to serving her fourth year on the Board, Melissa serves on the Development Committee and has been responsible for facilitating the school’s strategic plan. 


Outside of Logan, Melissa is the Founder and Principal of Vertical Strategies, a consulting firm that provides organizational development for nonprofits. She serves as the Executive Director of the Eastern Plains Healthcare Consortium, is an appointed Assistant Professor at Regis University, and is a Fellow of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Sarah Bridich, Parent Trustee

Sarah and her family are excited to start year five of their Logan experience and are all grateful to be part of such a warm and engaged community. Sarah is a lifelong educator, and passionate about the magic that happens at Logan as students are empowered to drive their own learning. A former high school history teacher and administrator, Sarah taught in San Francisco, New York City, and the Denver area. She currently works as a researcher of school leadership through C-PEER at the University of Colorado-Denver and also serves on the boards of New Legacy Charter School and Colorado Youth Congress. Occasionally she gets to wear her professor's hat too and teaches doctoral students at DU. Sarah is starting her first year on the Board and was part of the Logan Learning Lab design team and currently serves on this board committee, the Development Committee, and the Finance Committee. 

Paula Davis, Community Trustee

Paula Davis has been connected to Logan in one way or another since she was 5-years old. She attended Logan as a student (class of 2002) and later worked at Logan as an AS Assistant and Primary Unit Support Teacher. Paula feels very grateful for the ways that Logan has shaped her life and worldview. Logan provided her with an unwavering desire to learn and with a lifelong community of friends. This is her third year on the Board, and she also serves on the Development Committee, where she leads alumni outreach efforts.

Mark Donato, Faculty Trustee

Mark Donato is enjoying his sixth year as a faculty trustee on Logan’s Board. He was a lead teacher in both the Intermediate and Advanced School levels for three years, before becoming the LoganWorks Project Lab teacher. Mark’s daughter, Lydia, continued from Logan in 2015 after nine years at Logan. Mark’s previous careers have included work as a collections manager and preparator at the Denver Art Museum, a photographer and researcher for an African art gallery, a designer and builder, and manager of a sculpture house in New York City. Mark is excited to be a part of keeping Logan “weird” at this time of growth and change. 

Sam Masoudi, Parent Trustee

Sam and his wife, Kaye Nilson have been Logan parents since 2014 when they moved back to Denver after 25 years in New York City and Connecticut. Their daughter Ella continued from Logan in 2018. She currently attends East High School and says that Logan prepared her well for the transition to a large public school. Their son Clayton is currently an Advanced School student at Logan and has also thoroughly enjoyed his Logan experience.


Sam joined the Board in the fall of 2017 after serving on the Endowment Investment Committee, where he serves as Chair. By day, he leads investing for the Wyoming Retirement System as the Chief Investment Officer. Sam is thrilled to use this experience in service to Logan and has greatly enjoyed getting to know his fellow Board members and so many others who contribute to the Logan community.

Geoff Post, Community Trustee

Geoff is a community trustee and a parent of three children who continued from Logan in 2004, 2007 and 2008. On behalf of the school, Geoff managed the construction project for the redevelopment of the campus and buildings in 2004 and 2005. He also served on the Board from 2006-2009 and as Treasurer for two years. As college graduates and young career professionals, Geoff’s children credit Logan for empowering them in their learning and lives. Logan works! Geoff is on the Board to help keep a good thing going and getting better.

Liza Prado, Parent Trustee

Liza Prado is a parent trustee. Her daughter, Eva, is an Advanced School student at Logan and her son, Leo, is a fourth-grader at Stanley British Primary School. Liza and her husband Gary were drawn to Logan (actually, fell in love with it) because of its focus on experiential and individualized learning. It also was very clear that Logan ignites a lifelong passion for learning—something they deeply value. Beyond Logan, Liza has been a corporate lawyer, a nonprofit administrator, and mostly, a travel writer; collectively, these positions have given her ranges of experiences that she believes serve her well as a Trustee. She is delighted to be a part of the Logan community and honored to help lead the school into its future.

Luke Ritchie, Parent Trustee

Luke Ritchie’s daughter Sophia is currently in Intermediate School at Logan. He and his wife Jayme have been a part of the Logan community for the past six years and could not be happier with Logan’s pragmatic approach to education – teaching in the way kids actually learn best. They have been very pleased by Sophia’s development and see that she is well on her way to becoming a true life-long learner. They have also been extremely pleased with the deep and nurturing relationships that their daughter has forged with her classmates, teachers, and school administrators. Logan has provided their daughter so much more than they expected, and they are thus very enthusiastic about doing what they can to give back to the school. Luke is serving his third year on the Logan Board and Chairs the Trusteeship Committee, on which he has served for the past six years. 

Rob Roberts, Community Trustee

Rob Roberts is a community trustee of the Logan Board. His daughter attended Logan for 9 years and continued in 2008. He also served as a parent trustee from 2003-2009. As a parent, and as a professor who studies cognitive development, Rob marvels at how Logan creates a fertile environment that supports children’s intrinsic curiosity, and perhaps most importantly, celebrates the joy that comes with learning, discovery, and mastery. He is thrilled to be able to contribute to Logan’s core mission as it evolves forward.

Geoffrey Shamos, Parent Trustee

Geoff Shamos and his family have been part of the Logan community for the past four years. His children, Harry and Mae, have loved their time at the school, where their curiosity is nurtured by incredible teachers, staff, and peers. An art historian and arts administrator, Geoff has worked for a variety of arts institutions in a variety of roles. He is currently the director of the Vicki Myhren Gallery and curator of collections at the University of Denver. As a new board member and co-chair of the Development Committee, Geoff is excited to help foster community and build support for Logan.

John Shoe, Faculty Trustee

John Shoe is one of two faculty trustees who serve on Logan’s Board. He is an IS core classroom teacher, and the father of two Logan students: Owen, in Intermediate School, and Emilia in Primary. John joined the faculty at The Logan School in 2003, having previously taught at Colorado Timberline Academy in Durango, and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM. John spent his first two years at Logan working with Patti McKinnell in AS, but over the years he also mentored under Susie Carol in Primary, as well as working as an OOBEE. John is thrilled to be joining the Board at this exciting moment in Logan's history.

Mamta Varshney, Community Trustee

Mamta is currently a community trustee of the Logan Board after serving two years as Secretary when she was a parent trustee. She is the parent of two Logan alumni and is a physician in private practice. Mamta has been married to her husband, Jitendar for 28 years. Their son Samar continued from Logan in 2014 and is now studying business at The Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder. Their daughter, Anika, continued in 2017 and is a sophomore at George Washington High School. Mamta also currently serves on the Logan Learning Lab Committee. The Logan School has created an environment in which her children have thrived and she is deeply committed to Logan and its philosophy and looks forward to continuing to work on the Board.

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