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Little Things

December 12, 2017



Broken Crayons Still ColorDifficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations and Enjoy the Little Things were a few of the wise words rendered in an art class by our students. Their words offer a powerful reminder. The gift of appreciation for the little things is a gift that keeps on giving.  


At Logan, we have one simple (little) rule, namely "Show love and respect for yourself, each other and your environment." Each school day offers numerous examples of great little things that adhere to this rule: the Primary student who regards the letter from his big buddy as a precious treasure; the student who offered a handshake and a gentle "hello" to a nervous student visitor; or the dedication to effort and fair-play that I witnessed at a recent girls' basketball game. Each of these moments may pass unnoticed but the manifestation of love and respect are profound. 


As we move into a holiday season, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the dreams (and sometimes drama) of pending celebrations, and this is where love and respect can come in handy. One of the wonderful aspects of Logan's little rule is its simplicity. I don't think love and respect require much explanation but simply a little appreciation. 



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