Reporting COVID Info

November 7, 2020

What should I do if my child or someone in our household has COVID-like symptoms, has been exposed to COVID, or has tested positive for COVID*?

  1. Fill out the wellness app.
  2. Keep your child home from school and away from others.
  3. Contact your healthcare provider for guidance.
  4. Email (including outside of school hours and on the weekends) with the following information:
  • Details of your circumstance (when you found out, who was exposed, etc.)
  • Updates on testing, symptoms, doctor’s advice, etc.
  • Test Results

Please do not email your teachers directly with this information. The school will communicate with staff and teachers as-needed at the appropriate time.  

*The school is obligated to report to Denver Public Health the names of any students with confirmed cases. Based on health department guidelines, Logan can report to students and families the occurrence of known exposure. The Logan School will not disclose the names of any individual students, parents, or staff.

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