A Note From Shae: Post Surgery Leadership Plans

October 14, 2022

Dear Logan Families,

It's hard to believe that we are already writing “October” on our agendas! I have seen many of you at various Logan events and gatherings these last few weeks: Fall Coffees, our Head of School Search community meetings, volunteer meetings, Back-to-School nights, and maybe just in passing. Thank you for being here, in person, on campus! I’m relieved that we can see more of each other these days.

As I approach the next phase of my health journey (my surgery is on Oct. 21), I wanted to send an update about the leadership plan for the weeks following my surgery so that you know the path to take and who to reach out to when things come up. We shared the transition and leadership plan on Aug. 11, but it has been a while so I wanted to provide a reminder.

While I am recovering from surgery, I am following doctors’ orders for the best chance of a successful and speedy recovery so I will not be checking email or be otherwise available. Fortunately, I have full confidence in my team, our teachers, and our Board of Trustees to support the school while I am out.

As with most things, the first place to start with questions about your student is your child’s classroom teachers. We are fortunate to have such a strong, capable, and committed faculty. They bring different talents and traits to our dynamic community, and are the people who know your students best; your child's teachers are always the best starting place for communication about your child’s learning.

To ensure continuity and stability in school operations, family communication, and program delivery while I am out, I have assembled an interim leadership team. Some of these people are already familiar to you, most with many years of experience at Logan, but I wanted to remind you of the roles they have taken on in addition to their “regular” job titles in order to support me and our community at large.

  • Becky (becky.godec@theloganschool.org), our Enrollment Management Director, has taken on the role of Co-Assistant Interim Head of School. In my absence, Becky will be overseeing administrative operational aspects of the school and working together with Sarah K to make decisions that would typically fall to the Head of School.  
  • Sarah K (sarah.kaufman@theloganschool.org), our Learning Specialist, has
    taken on the roles of Interim Dean of Upper IS and AS Students, as well as Co-Assistant Interim Head of School. While I am out, she is supporting our older students in their learning, teachers, and student behavioral support. She will also be working alongside Becky to make decisions that would typically fall to the Head of School.  
  • John (john.shoe@theloganschool.org), our Instructional Coach, has taken on the role of Interim Dean of Primary and Lower IS Students. He typically works closely with all the teachers and classrooms, but is also supporting our younger students in their behavioral growth this year.
  • Anna (anna.naylor@theloganschool.org), our School Psychologist, leads our counseling team (introduced in the 9/21/22 issue of the Logan Link). She has been in each classroom and is building relationships with the student body to be of support to them as learners and humans.
  • Elisa (elisa.cohen@theloganschool.org), our Director of Special Programs, works with the Matrix teachers and leads Extended Care and LEEP programming.
  • Eric (eric.benson@theloganschool.org), Math, Science and Matrix Teacher, is also the Math team lead.

You are welcome to reach out to any of the above individuals with questions.

All other Logan faculty and staff emails are listed in the staff directory on the parent portal of the Logan Website (password: Logan2223).

I will be sad to miss the Halloween Parade and all the wonderfully creative costumes that will be represented, but I am excited for my next step in managing my healing. I cannot wait to be back for the rest of the year in such an incredible school. This year will require more grace and care than perhaps a “normal” year, and I hope we can partner in timely and direct communication to ensure our efforts are focused on the students.

I am excited to enjoy another week of fall at Logan before I head out, and then I look forward to reconnecting with our students and the entire community following Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the words of support and encouragement. Thank you for all the amazing food and kind notes. Honestly, I don’t wish this health experience on anyone, but my family and I couldn’t be luckier to be surrounded and supported by such an amazing community.


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